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Fill up in over 1500 fuel stations


The CAPS Fuel card is a multi-brand fuel card that is accepted at several brands of fuel stations in the BENELUX   


The CAPS Fuel card is accepted by the following networks:


  • G&V (Car & Truck)
  • ESSO (BeNeLux)
  • Texaco (BeLux)
  • Desimpel
  • Maes
  • Heite
  • Van Raak
  • Octa +
  • Tamoil (NL)

With over 1500 locations, this is currently the biggest Belgian multi-brand network in the Benelux.



Download the CAPS Fuel Finder



The CAPS Fuel card provides access to the entire G&V Truck Network in Belgium. 

Specific truck stations are located along Belgium’s main motorways and also at the major ports.



The CAPS Fuel card is the ideal fuel card for all professional fleets. A multi-brand fuel card that provides access to over 1500 strategic service stations in the Benelux.
The network is constantly being expanded.



Compressed Natural Gas, also known as CNG, is the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels.

Fill up with the CAPS Fuel card at the various CNG partners.

The CAPS Fuelcard provides us the right support so we can develop our ambitious plans.
Our wishes are always approached in a very smooth and flexible way, which ensures our further cooperation!
Jo Van Moer - CEO Van Moer Logistics